» September Selection // :: Schubert :: Beatport

Some of my favorite recent tunes //

Rodrigo Estevez - Dunes (Original) [Black Swan Recordings]

Metha - Outsiders (Kohra , Ruiz Sierra II Remix) [Egothermia]

Natalino Nunes - Colors (Original) [Aurora Music]

Alan Castro - Roca (Original) [Boutade Musique]

Fur Coat - Borsch (Original) [Crosstown Rebels]

Ante Ujević - Vrata (Original) [Black Swan Recordings]

Ansome - Man’s Head (Original) [Mord Records]

Boryana - Timelapse (dubspeeka Remix) [Octopus recordings]

Fabio Florido - The Grays (Original) [Black Swan Recordings]

Roman Flügel - The Odd Lobster (Original) [Ostgut Ton]

» Out this morning exclusively on Beatport //

Playing an integral part to defining the Black Swan sound over the past two years, Ante Ujevic returns with three fresh techno cuts. The EP still possesses his recognizable style but introduces some interesting elements particularly with Euhadra and Vrata. Bringing a heavy tech house remix to the package, A++ delivers his usual flexible touch that works at any point of the night.


Beltek - The remix and the original Tension Span are great!

Reboot - A++ rmx is nice!

Blond:ish (Viv) - Vrata has got the bends I need in the sounds.

Arjun Vagale - Tension Span is wicked.

Webby - Nice ep here. Will try all Tension Span A++ remix is my pick

Noah Pred - Cool groove on Euhadra.

Rafa Siles - Vrata” & A++ remix for me. Playing!!!

Nuno Lisboa - I love the whole EP, but Vrata is such a monster nuclear bomb.

Sean Random - Super EP!

» Our Black Swan Sample Bank is now available for a discounted prerelease price!

Our Black Swan Sample Bank is now available for a discounted prerelease price! 

Discount Code // bsrdiscount

Arjun Vagale (Tronic, Sci+Tec, Bedrock) – “Just checked out the samples and they sound really good! I like the fact that it has the Black Swan sound, so it’s pretty unique. I’m sure that I’ll end up using some of them.”

Bringing you one of the most comprehensive production sample banks available, Black Swan has rounded up several key contributors, the latest software production tools, both new and vintage analog synthesizers and drum machines to compile a group of unique sounds and constructions sets for professional and novice producers alike. We wanted to provide everything that you would need to make studio grade sounding music, as well as include very distinct soundscapes and atmospheric loops that will add the next dimension to your productions and inspire your own creativity. Although the loops are formatted towards tech house, deep house, and techno producers, the pack has a very broad range of sounds and textures that can creatively be introduced into any of your projects. 

Abbreviated list of instruments used // 

Moog Voyager, Nord Lead 2, Roland Juno GI, Access Virus B, Korg MS2000, Roland SH-01

Primary Genres: Tech House, Techno, Deep House, Minimal, House

Pack Price [Converted Approximately] before discount: 

USD : 20
EUR : 16
AUD : 22
GBP : 12 


Inside you will find over 640mb [Approximately 330 Samples] of quality production tools and loops in this comprehensive package for an incredible value:

14 detailed and organized construction sets, each breaking complex projects down to the bare bones drum loops, synthesizer progressions, to various combinations. 

44 Bass line Loops at 123 BPM
26 FX Loops
28 Percussion Loops at 123 BPM
15 Synthesizer Textures and Atmospheres
34 Top Loops at 125 BPM
11 Vocal Loops 
20 Synth One Shots

103 One Shot Percussion hits including
30 Kicks
23 Snares
18 Claps
26 Hi Hats
6 Sub Kicks

Audio Specifications:

You can download several lossless file formats on Bandcamp. If you request high quality WAV file, please email music@blackswanrecordings.com with “BSRSamples001 WAV Request” as the subject and include your order number or screenshot in the message. We will reply wit

» Thrill / Destiny [Black Swan Recordings] :: Beatport

We welcome Rodrigo Estevez and Natalino Nunes with the second in a series of EPs focused on flexible tools. Each track is a sturdy groove based tool geared towards looping and layering. In this installment, we have six thick rhythmic techno tracks that focus on a singular idea and revolve around a pulsing core.

Karotte – “Burn (and) Thrill are my picks. Nice groovy tech house tools.”

Arjun Vagale - “Nice!”

Romano Rapeso – “Strong tracks. Full support.”

Rafa Siles – “Burn by Natalino Nunes & Dunes by Rodrigo Estevez for me. Big Ep!!! 
Support. Chart & playing!!!”

Oozeundat – “Really awesome pack of tools! Gonna try out Thrill and Nuclear for sure!”

Ruiz Sierra – “Love this whole release! Great work. Will play some of the tracks at a techno fest later this month.”

Refraction – “Inside is my fav!.”


Surprised to see BLOND:ISH warming up the Terrace at ENTER. with Ante Ujević's Lock off Tetrad IV [March, 2014]. It's pretty incredible to see this type feedback and Black Swan Recordings artists being consistently played at the beginning, peak, after hours, and festivals all over the globe. Thanks to EVERYONE who’s supported, played, listened, shared, and vibed with us //#techno

» August Selection // :: Schubert :: Beatport

» Blacked EP [Black Swan Recordings] :: Beatport

Blacked from ENTER. resident Fabio Florido feat. Schubert’s Duality Mix is out today // 

Fabio Florido returns to Black Swan after several months in Ibiza and becoming a staple of the Enter events this summer. The title track is a trippy number with bleeps and ghostly atmospheres throughout, while The Grays is a simple groove tool with its intention firmly towards the floor. This time around, Schubert steps in for remix duties utilizing parts from both the tracks plus Fabio’s latest addition to the Tetrad Series. The outcome is a stomping techno cut that creatively utilizes the samples from the three tracks and packs a fully loaded core groove.

Abbreviated words // 

Pig&Dan - Really feeling the weirdness of this release!! Lovely weediness.

Boris - Great Pack! Schubert’s mix is banging!

Arjun Vagale - Fabio’s on fire - diggin his tracks. Top remix from Ron.

Luigi Madonna - Nice! Thanks for the music.

Refraction - Schubert rmx is my fav, nice atmosphere !

Webby - Great ep from Black Swan. Fabio on fire once again will support

Stacey Pullen - Cool will try.

Joran van Pol - Great EP, The Grays in my favorite!

Michele Pinna - Schubert’s mix on my records bag! really cool!

Alexx Wolfe - Wow! Top quality sound! Amazing release and remix.

Sean Random - Great EP. Feeling all the tracks. 

Jorge Ciccioli - Nice Pack! All the track are special.

Ruiz Sierra - All tracks are great, but the favourite is Schubert Remix! 

» Tetrad VI [Black Swan Recordings] :: Beatport

Released today on Black Swan Recordings // 

A sample is a small part of the whole, chosen because it exemplifies an entire package. In the Tetrad series, we have selected four tracks from very different artists that represent a cohesive vision. In the sixth addition, we introduce new talents Soel Sadiki and Oozeundat to the label with strong groovy cuts. After a fantastic release on Aurora Music played consistently by Richie Hawtin and other world class DJs, Nuno Lisboa makes his debut with the twisted Integral. Becoming a member of the Enter events in Ibiza, Fabio Frd gives a taste of what is to come on his next EP later this month.

Abbreviated feedback // 

Arjun Vagale - Top release! Dope tracks from Oozeundat, Fabio, and Nuno.

Miro Pajic - Nice E.P.

Alex Costa - Waste No Time and Aborigin for me!

Boris - Cool, will try. 

Daniel Derek - Aborigin is my fav!

Mr. Bizz - Fabio Florido for us!

Tomika - Really good tracks. Aborigin is my favorite. 

Anthony Pappa - Cool tracks and I will support it. 

Horatio - Cool EP. Lovely stuff from Fabio.

Andrew Grant - Wasted is killer. 

Joran van Pol - I always love the Tetrad series, because it brings together such talented producers. Favorites on this one are Integral and Wasted!