The rolling collaboration between Dani Sbert and Alessandro Grops Deejay // 

» Alliances III [Black Swan Recordings] :: Beatport

Alliances III has hit Beatport //

Boris - Solid release. 

Arjun Vagale - Another wicked comp with great tracks. 

Andrew Grant - Puppet Theater is cool. 

Stacey Pullen - Will try Rafa Siles - Incredible EP!!! 

Playing all the tracks! 

Kemmi Kamachi - Nice release! 

Saso Recyd - Solid release, will play full.


» Retrospective I, by Various - Schubert, Nir Shoshani, Natalino Nunes, Ante Ujevic, Kohra

We are excited to bring you a very special retrospective compilation including new and previously released music that represents the Black Swan aesthetic. For only $8, you can pick up 30 full-length tracks either as lossless files or high quality MP3s on Bandcamp!

The first 50 purchasers can also get a discount with code ‘bsrretrospective’

8 USD 6 Euro 5 GBP

Track list //

1. ACDP – People Mover (Concepto Remix)

2. Alessan Main, T-Bars – Maldades (Original)

3. Android Cartel – Programming Fractals (Simone Zino Remix)

4. Ante Ujevic – Aligned (Original)

5. Ante Ujevic – Do it (Original)

6. Arthur Galestian – Consciousness (Original)

7. Concepto – Be Yourself (Original)

8. Dieg Namzak – Filass (Original)

9. Kohra, Cactus Twisters – Shadow (Original)

10. Kohra, Ruiz Sierra – The Difference (Original)

11. LBxD – Stinger (Original)

12. Natalino Nunes – Trip (Bryan Brack Remix) 13. Natalino Nunes – Back (Original)

14. Natalino Nunes – Coloniale (Ante Ujevic Remix) 15. Nir Shoshani – Ripple (Original)

16. [Occam] – Conversion (Original)

17. [Occam] – Listen to Figure (Original)

18. Rodrigo Estevez – Dunes (Original)

19. Romano Rapeso – Patiently (Original)

20. Schubert – Apparition (A++ Remix)

21. Schubert – Chrome (Original)

22. Schubert – Eraserhead (Original)

23. Schubert – Lapse (Original)

24. Schubert – Rothko (Mikael Jonasson Remix)

25. Simone Zino – Damer (Original)

26. Simone Zino – Wise Nite (Original)

27. SOEL – System Crash (Original)

28. Stiv Hey – Again (Original)

29. Stiv Hey – Quality Factor (Original)

30. Xordo – Drama Bell (Original)

» Previews of Alliances III coming October 17th on Beatport //

After stellar EPs by the Black Swan core artists over the past months, we’re ready for the next Alliances package with four thick groovers. In the Alliances Series, Black Swan artists and new contributors come together through musical collaborations that showcase the strengths from each artist. In the latest addition, we bring you the most diverse in the series pooling talentsDani SbertAlessandro Grops DeejaySOEL, Jonni Darko, Stephan Esse,Stefano Lotti, and Asio with tracks ranging from main room bangers to tripped out late night grooves.

Alessandro Grops & Dani Sbert - Inside (Original)

SOEL & Jonni Darkko - Blood And Thunder (Original)

Stefano Lotti & Asio - Puppet Theater (Original)

SOEL & Stephan Esse - Quick Draw (Original)

» Black Swan Sample Pack Discount //

We know all of our producer friends will be locked in the studio this weekend. Richie Hawtin is already playing tracks with these samples in them. Don’t miss your chance to pick up a copy of the bank for a discounted price before it hits Beatport and Sound to Sample. 

Just use bsrdiscount at check out //

» September Selection // :: Schubert :: Beatport

Some of my favorite recent tunes //

Rodrigo Estevez - Dunes (Original) [Black Swan Recordings]

Metha - Outsiders (Kohra , Ruiz Sierra II Remix) [Egothermia]

Natalino Nunes - Colors (Original) [Aurora Music]

Alan Castro - Roca (Original) [Boutade Musique]

Fur Coat - Borsch (Original) [Crosstown Rebels]

Ante Ujević - Vrata (Original) [Black Swan Recordings]

Ansome - Man’s Head (Original) [Mord Records]

Boryana - Timelapse (dubspeeka Remix) [Octopus recordings]

Fabio Florido - The Grays (Original) [Black Swan Recordings]

Roman Flügel - The Odd Lobster (Original) [Ostgut Ton]

» Out this morning exclusively on Beatport //

Playing an integral part to defining the Black Swan sound over the past two years, Ante Ujevic returns with three fresh techno cuts. The EP still possesses his recognizable style but introduces some interesting elements particularly with Euhadra and Vrata. Bringing a heavy tech house remix to the package, A++ delivers his usual flexible touch that works at any point of the night.


Beltek - The remix and the original Tension Span are great!

Reboot - A++ rmx is nice!

Blond:ish (Viv) - Vrata has got the bends I need in the sounds.

Arjun Vagale - Tension Span is wicked.

Webby - Nice ep here. Will try all Tension Span A++ remix is my pick

Noah Pred - Cool groove on Euhadra.

Rafa Siles - Vrata” & A++ remix for me. Playing!!!

Nuno Lisboa - I love the whole EP, but Vrata is such a monster nuclear bomb.

Sean Random - Super EP!